Vodka world’s most famous spirit

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World’s Most Famous Spirit – Vodka AKA Loud Mouth Soup

Did you know Vodka is the world’s top-ranking – number one distilled spirit? But, Vodka is a ghost and combines flawlessly with just about anything, including ice. One reason it mixes very well with an assortment of other ingredients. Including other alcohols, fruits, and juices and more.

Vodka is a clear distilled spirit, but its history isn’t. Countries, like Russia, Poland, France, and the Netherlands. All vodka-producing countries naturally claim to be it’s creator.

There are no universal rules, to produce Vodka. The final product is meant to be odorless, light-colored, and tasteless.

Vodka, manufactured at a very high-volume. And following distillation, it becomes clarified and filtered removing lingering impurities. Once, filtered its bottled and sold immediately. No aging for this baby!

Traditionally, vodka comes from potatoes, corn or grains. (Hence the nickname Loud Moth Soup) Recently Vodka is being produced from a variety of unusual ingredients including grapes, maple syrup, and even soybeans.

Vodka sales were soft till after WWII when Americans started to step away from their Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbons. This development was helped along by Smirnoff’s dogged advertising movement in the late 50s.

Today, vodka is the first recognized liquor in the USA and outpaces rum, tequila, and gin together. Helping sales in America is the wide-ranging assortment of flavored vodkas now available. There are 1000’s of different mixed drinks that use vodka as the base

Nutritional Value Health Benefits of Vodka

Vodka is a carbohydrate and sugar-free beverage and provides very few calories when consumed neat (By itself) or without any sugar-based mixers. It offers no harmful cholesterol nor fats. Aids in reducing stress and helps in decreasing the stress factor in the human body more efficiently than other boozy drinks such as red wine.

The most efficient method to savor the delicate dissimilarities is to drink your vodka neat (No ice) at room temperature.