Reality Winner – Real Loser


If it wasn’t so sad it would almost be humorous. Although Washington, has more leaks daily than a sinking ship. Reality is to blame no matter her indentations. But, some blame must go to whomever gave her the moniker “Reality Winner.” Her full name is Reality L. Winner. I can only guess what the L. stands for. In addition, culpability rests on the fact she was accused under the Espionage/Sedition Act that became law in 1917/18 before entering WW1. The Espionage Act is still in effect today. I had heard of it but had never read it.

The Espionage Act, although I sure at the time the powers to be thought it mandatory. But it may have over stepped the letter of the law? In 1918 a person was convicted of openly declaring the YMCA and the Red Cross were a “bunch of grafters.” A woman who rejected the Socialist Party’s stand against the war, was sentenced to ten years’ in the slammer for writing in a newspaper, “I am for the people, while the government is for the profiteers.” Not exactly nice things to say, but in my opinion not bad enough for such severe sentences. I guess my message is simple. Be care what you say and who you say it to?

When I first heard Reality Winner I thought it was a new reality show. One of the 1000’s of reality (which I watch my share of) programs where ordinary people do either ordinary or out of the ordinary humdrum things? Unlike Survivor a household name and one I’m certain I could last on for at least 2 days, I couldn’t figure what heck was the big deal? Until I found out I couldn’t be part of the cast! I’m neither pro or con, simply showing how simple I can be! I know I said restrain from posting diatribe or silly none-sense. So, this may be borderline. But I couldn’t help myself.