Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula – Riviera Maya Beach Bars

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Yucatan Peninsula – Riviera Maya

Yucatan Peninsula Beach Bars

In addition to being rich with Mayan history and culture, the Yucatan Peninsula is filled with many vacationing spots. There are a number of beaches and resorts here by the blue and green Gulf of Mexico. In addition are the many beach bars available here that are sure to give you a taste of Mexican culture with their drinks.

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and Riviera Maya was once just a jungle coastline. Over the past decade’s things have changed. Beach club resorts are opening, one beach resort after another. These upscale and modern beach resorts have their own thatch-roof faux beach bars. With magnificent locations, terrific cocktails, fresh eats and only steps from the beach.

There are six great cities you can check out: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, and Tulum. Do yourself a solid. Stop by, have a cocktail and enjoy these marvelous Mexican pueblos.


The city of Cancun was literally built for tourists. There are, of course, many clubs and hotel zones with bars. Senor Frogs, after 8 PM, is a night club. Waiters and waitresses walk around with shots of tequila available at a price. Bars, like the O’ Ultra Lounge and Dady’O, come with different forms of entertainment. A variety of world-renown DJs plays at Dady’O and performances, including the “Infected Mushroom,” occur at the O’ Ultra Lounge.

Playa Del Carmen

The golden hour over Playa del Carmen, MEXICO

Bars here can range from calming to exciting, making these places great for all kinds of bar-goers. The La Chancla Bar has a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy some wings with tequila on the side while you are listening to the live band in the background.


At Hangover Bar Playa, also known as the Karaoke Restaurant Bar in Playa del Carmen, the bravest of individuals can sing some karaoke any night they wish.


Cozumel has a lot of bars, many of which are within restaurants. Pancho’s Backyard, for example, is a tranquil restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. It contains a bar, and here you can drink while enjoying the beauty of the environment around you. There’s another bar named Wet Wendy’s and, no, it isn’t the same as a Wendy’s restaurant that’s been built in the ocean. Wet Wendy’s is a bar that sells margaritas and their own, homemade tequila that many have described as delicious.

Isla Mujeres

There are all kinds of bars here at Isla Mujeres, like the JAX Bar and Grill. This place offers fine dining in addition to having a bar. There are also a couple of beach bars by the names of Buho’s and Fenix. If you happen to be staying at Hotel Maria Jose, then you can check out their bar, as well. Perhaps you want a nice view while you drink. One of the best bars for this would be the Sunset Grill, which has a lovely sight of the beach by a pool.

Puerto Morelos

There are three awesome bars in Puerto Morelos: Bara Bara, the Cantina Habanero Bar, and the Sativa Bar. Bara Bara and the Sativa Bar are Reggae-style bars where you can dance the night away. The Cantina Habanero Bar is more for those who want to relax with a dinner and a show. You can visit this bar to witness the live dancers and listen to the live music.


Tulum is definitely a place for “outdoor” vacationers. That’s why the bars are located near the beaches. Bars like Curandero have dance parties that are so famous that even celebrities from all around the world are known to come here. If you go to this bar, then don’t be surprised if you see someone you’ve seen on TV before.

These cities on the Yucatan Peninsula are filled with many different bars, each with their own flavor of style and tequilas. There are bars for all kinds of adults, whether they’re calm, wild, indoors, or outdoors by the beach. In addition, each of these cities has a wide variety of places to visit for fun, relaxation, and all kinds of adventures. Whether you’re on vacation to see the sights or try out some fun activities, it is highly recommended that you visit any of the bars available for a nice experience.

A relaxed day of beach bar life!

For those pursuing a peaceful, more relaxed day of beach bar life. Fortunately, there’s still a handful of inviting, traditional and old school beach bars located along the Yucatan Peninsula’s beautiful coast.

Here are independent of corporate resorts. Let us say the… Mamá & Papi beach bars of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula