Mehlenbacher Rd. 20 Years Ground Under Repair!

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Mehlenbacher Road – other side of invisible railroad tracks?

Over 2 decades officials have ignored Mehlenbacher’s infrastructure needs. By diverting infrastructure funds subsidized from our property taxes, earmarked to benefit everyone, including residents of Mehlenbacher. While at the same time minimizing us as residents, tax-payers and voters. Creating not a golf hazard, but something far worse. A hazard that has become Mehlenbacher Road. That without attention will have grieve consequences. For residents, pedestrians, and traffic. A subpar disturbing performance by any standards.

Why has Mehlenbacher Rd and its residents forced to deal with ground under repair for so many years? A 2o-stroke penalty!

Surely, town officials wouldn’t let their kids or grandkids ride a bike or play under these conditions? Is everyone oblivious that we’re part of Belleair certainly someone cares?

Clinton was president when we moved to Belleair – on the aka Belleview Biltmore. Now the Pelican Golf Club, a great addition to a golf town like Belleair. A fact not lost on officials, who’ve given the Pelican project full and special attention, allowing the Pelican to be a prime golf course, able to sponsors a 2020 LPGA Tour event. A costly investment for the owners and a feather in Belleair’s golf hat.

I only wish over the last 20 years town officials would’ve shared some of that attention – not full – not special – just some attention. On a forgotten and neglected road on Belleair’s (so far fence free) southern border. A small divot on Belleair’s not so fairway road called Mehlenbacher. One of the busiest and most in need of repairs in Belleair.  Not a prestigious subdivision or a highly regarded address. But a part of Belleair none the less.

For 18 years we shared golf course access with birds, wildlife and residents, enjoying the Biltmore golf course sanctuary. Allowing a safe passage to walk anywhere and making the challenge that is Mehlenbacher less problematic. Just like golfers we hate high rough too!

Unfortunately, new ownership chose the course to be super exclusive, prohibiting old access. This immediately made Mehlenbacher problematic. Exposing us to injury and making Mehlenbacher’s infrastructure improvement imperative.

Since I can remember Mehlenbacher has been the provisional ball. A DNF – teasing us every few years – reading we’re on the fringe of needed ground repairs, till hopes are dashed when renovations are postponed, time after time. Always close but never close enough for a gimme!

How’s it possible, Belleair keeps chipping away on improvements and projects from one end of Belleair to the other.

Belleair spent more money on last year’s Christmas decorations, than in 20 years on any projects for forgotten Mehlenbacher? Yet, uses “Penny for Pinellas” tax on cataclysmic issues like renovating Hallett Park. Renovating a park, I’ve got water at the welcome mat! Terrible! Heck we don’t even get our street swept!

As Mehlenbacher goes untouched were left tending the flagstick, as everyone plays through with improvements and enhancements. Center city residents demand…“We need more pedestrian crossings, and more roundabouts, perhaps mini-roundabouts.”

Come on man! Things like this will make you break clubs! More pedestrian crossings, and more roundabouts – Mehlenbacher residents should revolt!!
Unlike the game of golf where you keep your own score and players are expected to show evenhandedness – fairness. Belleair’s infrastructure projects must have been prioritized based on an exclusionary set of criteria or who yells the loudest. Infrastructure improvements for Mehlenbacher haven’t been provide in a fairway and in the process, Belleair is totally shanking Mehlenbacher.

How are funds allocated? Who determines how and where infrastructure funds used? How could 1700 feet of Mehlenbacher be totally ignored for 20 years. Why isn’t Mehlenbacher entitled to infrastructure projects from funds subsidized by residents of Mehlenbacher?

We understand Mehlenbacher will never be Belleair’s sweet spot. Even so, in 2 decades, not a single town or county official was interested enough or cared enough, to reach out about anything. An even more significant indicator of indifference, we’ve never been asked to display a political sign. 

Belleair been sandbagging Mehlenbacher for decades and handicapping Mehlenbacher residents big time! Shame on whoever!

What explanation could Belleair or Pinellas have for keeping Mehlenbacher way outside of their unfair fairways stuck in the second cut of an unkept, unmowed rough.

For all intents and purposes demonstrating a conflict of disinterest from town officials regarding Mehlenbacher. At the same time ostracizing 17 Mehlenbacher residents and prompting a type of residential segregation.

The Pelican’s Rear End – Mehlenbacher – a Road Not-Less Traveled

It’s apparent not being the squeaky golf cart wheel caused Mehlenbacher’s pace of play, not unlike an unplayable ball. Keeping Mehlenbacher back to the point in 1999 when first seen, in need of repairs – always told repairs were soon to come – 20 years later it’s a neglected ugly unsafe mess, in critical and urgent need of repairs.

With 2 major road projects, both in better shape than Mehlenbacher goes on a driver and a 3 iron away. Par for the course we wait to be told your up?  We’ll likely get a new road sign saying “Prepare 2 Bee Annoyed! 

But all’s not gloom and doom! Being snubbed isn’t like being black-balled from a country club. It’s better -living on Mehlenbacher comes with its own kind of privileges.

Mehlenbacherians don’t need overpriced clubs. Why you ask? Because we get our cardio pumping and a full workout by taking out the trash. We get to play, a not so friendly game of, vehicular dodge ball with cars and trucks winging by with a swing speed fastest than Tiger Woods. We’d be silly to get this up.

Sidewalks – we’ve said all along sidewalks, especially ones made of concert, are for soft city folk. If Mehlenbacherian wants to use a sidewalk we travel to the city, the city of unincorporated Largo. Sidewalks – after all they only keep you off the street.

Casual water – anyone who plays golf can deal simple casual water. We can boast to having the only casual water open culvert that floods when you sneeze. While it offers a green space for Hydrilla and allows our mosquito wild life to flourish. Our culverts slope ratings of 155 makes, makes mowing it to the proper 2-inch fairway height.  At 72 not my golf score my age and with no Belleair or county maintenance caddies caring for it. Makes cleaning and unclogging it more fun than getting an ace!

Crossing walks – crosswalks are for crybabies and old dudes’ – crosswalks disrupt traffic flow – making cars stop for people – in a 500k roundabout way why would anyone want that?

Speed bumps – no need indeed Mehlenbacher’s one long speed bump a deteriorated uneven road surfaces, broken concrete, and road cracks.

Curbs – No curbs no problem, why would any reasonable person want curbs when you can have a culvert with stagnant rainwater and trash – plus curbs would make playing vehicle dodge ball a thing of the past and I’m sure no one would want that?

Streetlights – don’t even think about – streetlights are totally off the table –they would allow residents to see that 2-ton car that’s about to crush them like the one of the mosquitos we raise, or worst yet help cars see people or the chicken trying to cross the road and drainage improvements would stop us from fishing from the street. Which by the way, is against an ordinance?

Regrettably, after hundreds of thousands of rounds of golf and countless kinds of close encounters. As, two long-anticipated roadway improvement projects begin across the tracks in Belleair.  What? Long-anticipated improvements. You got to be kidding me! Mehlenbacher still waiting on a tee time and going downhill faster than a wagon full of John Daly’s.

After my Belleair’s roundabout drive about – surveying what the haves have and what the have nots have. You don’t need a rangefinder to see Mehlenbacher Road would undeniably be considered across the tracks.

I didn’t find a slice of street that hadn’t been enhanced or improved. From drains, streetlights, sidewalks, curbs and landscaping! Mehlenbacher doesn’t even have mulligan status. Come on man!

Oct 6, 2009 Belleair seeks answer to traffic concerns
Feb 9, 2010 Sidewalk project moves forward
Jun 14, 2011 Belleair Bluffs, Belleair agree on road
Feb 19, 2013 Mehlenbacher sidewalks project OK’d
Oct 15, 2013 Mehlenbacher Road work to continue
Jun 11, 2013 The joint Bluffs-Belleair construction job causes road closures
Jan 14, 2014 Mehlenbacher Road work drags on
Nov 7, 2014 Work underway on Belleair roundabout

But, it’s inconceivable, unjustified and dangerous, that a busy street, a main border of la-di-da Belleair. Has received zero dollars and no improvements.

I’m not tee-offed at any one individual, group or government organization. But, something smell worse than the culvert! It time to give Mehlenbacher some tee time!

Sidewalks can cost between $150,000 and $250,000 per mile. We’re taking about 1/3 of a mile anf if Belleair would have approved my request I’d have rectified my culvert issue years ago for under $1500.