McKim & Creed Water Project Experts?


McKim & Creed must have produced and directed – Other People’s Money.  The 1991 movie where DeVito played Lawrence Garfield – Garfield a big-time player in the investment game.  Garfield…”Larry the Liquidator” was his name – water could have been his game. When it comes to the game, everyone’s playing hardball with our money.


Town officials requested, and Belleair authorized paying a North Carolina-based firm McKim & Creed $324,223 to study and report on Belleair’s water system.

Town officials also will pay McKim & Creed $63,554 for hydraulic modeling to better evaluate the existing water distribution. The modeling includes updating maps with the size and materials of the current water mains.

Town Manager J.P. Murphy said. “The report that we deliver is what will give you as much information as you can need within the realm of reason of what it will require to move forward or not move forward with RO,”

Funds for the report will come from the town’s water fund reserve balance. The town’s Infrastructure Board endorsed unanimously that the commission approves the study. Members include Doug Pace-Chairman Chris Foley-Vice Chairman Ron Campbell, Shon Flaharty, John Hail, Joe Oder, James White, Commission Advisor: Tom Kurey.


In Feb 2019, after a study by FAU’s Department of Geosciences. Reported potential sea-level rise Clearwater’s water treatment facilities. Clearwater hired McKim & Creed to write a new $2.1 million “Water Supply and Treatment Master Plan” for their city’s water supply.

In Jan 2009, as part of Clearwater’s Water Supply System Master Plan that the Clearwater council adopted in October 2004. Clearwater awarded the job of writing the “Water Supply and Treatment Master Plan” in McKim & Creed. A Clearwater-based engineer of record awarded it too, Lutz-based Southeast Drilling Services at an estimated cost of $3,781,614.

In 2017 Clearwater paid McKim & Creed $199,000.00


In 2014 Florida Institute of Government at the University of South Florida is conducting a scientific survey of Largo residents about the Environmental Services Department, which provides wastewater – or sanitary sewer – collection, treatment, and reclaimed water for the city of Largo.

In April 2019, after pouring more than $80 million into several initiatives to cut down on sewer overflows/enhance wastewater standards. Largo hired McKim & Creed at $200,000 as their new consultant.

Pinellas County

In 2015 Pinellas County tasked McKim & Creed, Inc. with evaluating the existing grit removal system. In 2017 Pinellas paid them $479,993.50

Engineers hired to write a new $2.1 million master plan for the city’s water supply will weigh the possible effects of sea-level rise on the city’s water treatment facilities.