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Atlantic Beach Ocean Grille Beach Bar Review

333 1st St N. Jacksonville, FL 32250 (904) 701-3765
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Ocean Grille Beach Bar Review

This is a good spot to watch and enjoy the NFL on Sunday or Monday night. You can have a few drinks with friends, some fish tacos, and not break the bank! This place is famous for fish tacos, crab cakes, and gator bites, which are farm raised alligators that are cut up into bite size strips breaded with flour, corn meal, and spices, and then fried crispy on the outside, chewy and juicy on the inside. Try these with Tabasco or another Louisiana hot pepper sauce or honey mustard. This place has Caribbean style food so get ready for a spicy treat. Some say the oysters are great too!

As an appetizer, we had a basket of gator bites mostly because I had never had those before. They were excellent. I had the steamed oysters with melted butter and curry mac-n-cheese. I like spicy and I wasn’t disappointed, though the service was slow. Maybe their plan was to let us drink more while we waited for our food. If that was the plan, it worked. I started with an icy Corona with lemon but then saw someone with a Coronita, so I tried one of those and it was great, so I had a couple more and my friend had a classic frozen daiquiri, which she said was very good. It was great because it was right on the beach, just a sand dune between us and the water. Where we stayed was within walking distance, so we enjoyed several drinks.

They had ten big screen HDTVs, drink specials, and good seafood. Saturday night is ladies’ night, women drink $10, 11pm until closing.  

Our conclusion and Beach Bar Review Drink Rating

We had the fish tacos for lunch, which were good, but the service was very slow. There were lots of waiters/waitresses there but did not seem to have any purpose or direction. It was lunch time with a medium-sized crowd so I could understand it being a little slow. It is a great place to sit and enjoy the ocean sounds while you wait for your food. My honest opinion is that the wait staff needs better management, but everything else was pleasant.

We give the Ocean Grille & Bar a 3-drink rating for good drinks, icy beer, but slow service.

Ocean Grille —

333 1st St N. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 (First Coast of Florida)

Phone: (904) 701-3765

Open: Mon – Sun: 11am – 2am



Phone(904) 701-3765
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CountryUnited States of America
distance: 147 Miles
Address333 1st St N. Jacksonville, FL 32250
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