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A lot has changed since the designation as Gold Coast of Florida and some of the bars we review may consider their bar on the Treasure Coast, but this is not an official designation. If it makes you feel better, you can let us know and we will list your bar under Treasure Coast. However, at this time we will include just Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties in our review to align with Wikipedia's unofficial alignment.

E. R. Bradley's Beach Bar Review

E. R. Bradley’s — Beach Bar Review   The food there is fast, healthy, and pricey but still good. It is located on the Northlake’s shiny new plaza making it not only comfortabl

U-Tiki Bar — Beach Bar Review

U-Tiki Bar — Beach Bar Review  We found the food at this place amazing. Although fresh seafood is something you expect at a waterfront bar, at U-Tiki you could taste the freshness! As

Atlantic Surf Club - Fort Lauderdale

Atlantic Surf Club I visited Fort Lauderdale for a couple of days but never expected that my experience at this restaurant would be so classy or a memory that would remain with me for a lifetime. I wa

Boston's Sandbar — Beach Bar Review

Boston’s Sandbar — Delray Beach, FL I enjoyed my visit to Boston’s Sandbar in Delray, Florida. Boston’s has won the Top 10 Florida Beach Bar competition three years in a row. Just

Patio Bar & Grill — Deerfield Beach, FL

Patio Bar & Grill — Beach Bar Review If you’re familiar with Boca Raton, the Patio Bar & Grill is right on Deerfield Beach. I enjoyed everything that was served, the food wa

Le Tub Saloon — Beach Bar Review

Le Tub Saloon — Beach Bar Review Le Tub is a bar and restaurant where the food is excellent and the prices were reasonable.  This place is famous for its burgers, even Oprah declared their

Ke'e Grill — Beach Bar Review

Ke’e Grill — Beach Bar Review  When we went to Ke’e Grill in Juno Beach, Florida, we enjoyed the atmosphere there. There were Tiki torches everywhere outsi

Wet Willie's — Beach Bar Review

Wet Willie’s Beach Bar Review  Wet Willie’s is a nationwide franchise that offers fun, exciting entertainment, and cold drinks. Their reputation hinges on their ability to deliver great f