How to List Your Beach Bar

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How to List Your Bar or Site

Whether you’re a Beach Bar or Tiki Bar Enthusiast – Get Your Free Listing Today – Simply register by “Clicking Here” – Its Free – Once Registered You’re Ready to List Your Business It’s Also Free and Easy – If You Have Any Issues With Registration or Listing a Business Please Contact Us “Click Here

There Are 3 Separate Listing Packages & All Listing Packages Are Free Any Problems Simply Click Here and We’ll Assist You!

Remember, you must register before you can submit a listing. After registration, you will receive a thank you email from us with a verification link. Simply follow the procedures to upload and submit your listing of your Tavern, Tiki or Beach Bar to our directory absolutely FREE!

When you are having problems completing any portion of the process. We will be happy to help you any way we can.

How to List Your Bar or Site

After registration and verification, you are ready to submit your free listing, simply click Register on the home page.

1. Enter Your Bar’s Listing Description

Title = Name of your Tavern or Beach Bar

Description = For the Basic Lifetime Listing, supply an extensive description of your bar business — describe the services offered, bar hours, any routine events — Tuesday Ladies Night, etc. This can be up to 200 words for the Basic Listing, but for the Exclusive Listing, you are authorized as much as 500 words. Use keywords within your description.

Use your primary keyword or keyword phrase once. Include secondary keywords or keyword phrases once, as well. When you need help, just holler — or Click Here. We’re more than happy to assist!

2. Listing Category

Choose the category that most closely fits your bar business. There are several categories from which to choose. When you need help, just holler — or Contact Us.

3. Attachments

Upload as many as four pictures from you Tavern, Beach Bar, or Saloon

4. Listing Details

Be sure to include the bar phone number and operating hours — nobody likes to go to a closed bar, some never come back. But, if you include the number behind the bar, they can call first.

5. Listing Location

Add street or boardwalk address and zip/postal code. Our Google map display will pinpoint your exact location.

After you’re approved your listing will go up on immediately and to be seen by people around the globe — in every corner of the world.