Happy Hour History… a guide to finding the best

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Happy Hour History…

A Guide to Finding the Best

It’s 5:05 pm on a Friday, your fingers giddy as you turn in your end of day reports. Even giddier as you shut your computer down for the day. Then you remove your glasses, retrieve your jacket, and walk to the elevator with a spring in your step. You walk out of your office in anticipation as you get closer to the most anticipated part of the work week: HAPPY HOUR!!!

Discounted drinks and food.

Happy hour is known for discounted drinks and food, and that time after work before dinner where one can reward himself with drinks after a hard day’s work. But have you ever wondered how happy hour started?
In my curiosity, I looked it up and found that the term was first used as early as the 19th century by the US

Navy has happy hour too!

The early Navy referred to a few times set aside each day as a time for entertainment while at sea.

It wasn’t until the ’20s when the term became a part od the drinking scene. The 18th Amendment was carried out in 1920 to ban the manufacture and sale of liquor. The alcohol ban, of course, gave rise to bootlegging and underground clubs, where “happy hour” meant that time before dinner when thirsty men and women drank in places where liquor was illegal.

Ratify that ban!

Then the 21st Amendment came out in 1933, ratifying the embargo, but it wasn’t still the mid-’60s when all our states lifted the liquor ban. Decades later, restaurants began creative with the happy hour and created “special offers,” or discounted drinks during happy hour.

Is happy hour only applicable to a particular time of day?

Not everyone works the same hours, so could there be a better “Happy hour” than the late afternoon to early evening? Let’s look at the pros and cons of other possible happy hours…


5:00-8:00 pm – is usually when “Happy Hour” drinks start flowing. As happy hour is more typical with employees working 9-5, this is the most crowded time to be out drinking. A downside is that your whole office might have the same idea and you’d end up stuck with the same people that you were trying to get away from the entire week!

9:00 pm to past midnight

9:00pm-past midnight – OK, the adult crowd has dispersed, but has been replaced by a younger, more boastful brood. Your drink now costs double. Not only that, but the music has changed and is now louder. Unless this is your scene, then it’s time for you to head out.

Early morning

Early morning – “Closing Time” by Semisonic is playing. Waiters are wiping the tables and looking at you like they’d like to wipe you off the table as well. If you’re waiting for something to happen that night, it’s your last chance to make a move. Otherwise, you’re better off leaving the bar before it closes.

Breakfast and alcohol – You’ll rub elbows with either the Stepford Wives or the bums. I’d skip this one.

Lunch and alcohol – if you work 9-5, and would risk your boss smelling your alcohol breath during your 2 pm presentation, then go ahead.

Early Bird Happy Hour

Early Bird Happy Hour – Before the crowd flocks into the bar, the discounts are not on yet, but you get to sit where you want, quietly flirt with the person next to you at the bar, don’t have to fight for the bartender’s attention just to get your cold beer. A couple of contented hours later, drinks and food prices drop. Now that’s a real surprise!

I’d personally go for the early bird happy hour, but you’re not me, but I hope this will help you find the best happy hour for you!