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While it’s true, you can have fun anywhere, gay and lesbian people often flock to bars and clubs that reflect their lifestyles. Single or coupled up, when people from the LGBT community choose a vacation destination, they’re not going to blindly travel to an austere land that frowns down on who they are. They’re going to pick a place that feels welcoming to them with the kind of activities that they find appealing.Gay Beach Bars

Gay or straight, when you ask most people what kind of vacation is appealing to them, they’ll describe sandy beaches in some exotic land, the kind of area you find in South America or the Caribbean. Lucky for members of the LGBT community, there are gobs of good places to go there.

So where’s a good place to go then? One of the most popular places right now is blowing everything off the map. It used to be that gay destinations in South America were THE best places to go, probably because the people there are gorgeous. And they’re no less popular now but San Juan, Puerto Rico is totally bringing it to this party.

One of the best areas in San Juan is quite aptly called Isla del Encanto, or rather, “Island of Enchantment.” It’s where gay people can let their pride show. Accordingly, the neighborhood labeled as the gayest beach community here is called Condado. Not only is it a beautiful oceanfront area, but it is also full of charming hotels and gay-friendly establishments.

And one of those establishments is Oceano. If you’re looking to enjoy an upscale experience, you’ll be doing the gay beach in style here. But if that’s not your style, Splash Lounge might be more up your alley. It’s small but relaxed, plus it’s rumored to have free shots. The crowd here is muy Caliente too.

Not far from Condado, you’ll find the hub for all gay bars – Santurce. Get ready for a wild night on the beach with Circo, which is billed as San Juan’s most “it” gay dance club. Drinking and drag shows, oh my! It’s filled with a fun, high-energy crowd that will make you want to dance all night long.

Another great hot spot just proves that a name is just a name. The Tia Maria Liquor Store isn’t a store so much as a very mellow gay bar. It’s pool table-casual, which is great if you’re looking for a less pulsating vibe to your evening.

Hungry after shaking it? A place that goes by the name “The Hole in the Wall” or El Chinchorro in Spanish opens after midnight to serve the bar crowd tasty and homemade Puerto Rican delicacies. Perfect!

Now with summer right around the corner, it’s a good time to plan your trip to the newest hot gay spot on the globe. In June, San Juan hosts its annual Pride parade, complete with a festival. Don’t miss it!