Florida Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Florida — Beach Bar Reviews

Well, here we go, we are going to do Beach Bar Reviews on the Gold Coast of Florida’s beach bars, Tiki bars, and watering holes that we believe you should try.  

A lot has changed since the designation as Gold Coast of Florida. However, at this time we will include just Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties in our review to align with Wikipedia’s unofficial alignment. 

Many believe this region is known as the Gold Coast of Florida due to the high-priced realty and ritzy neighborhoods. After all, this is where Donald Trump’s $84.5 million mansion is located. Whatever the reason for the vernacular or nickname or whichever coast the bar actually belongs on, Gold or Treasure, we hope that our review will help you decide which bars to visit on the East Coast of Florida.  

Even though it is our desire to steer clear of the ritzy bars and instead review the out-of-the-way or off-the-beaten-path beach bars, Tiki bars, and watering holes, we do not discriminate nor will we accept payment to give a better review. We will provide our readers an honest opinion of the bars we review. But, we do like to highlight bars that have live entertainment and food as well as a well-stocked bar. 

Whether this beach bar is an out-of-the-way kind of little joint with cheap burgers, a fish Reuben, or shrimp tacos, or the more sophisticated full-blown party bar with an extravagant kitchen menu to feed the hungry beast, there are a few things it must have to achieve a good rating… and that is atmosphere, ambiance, good drinks and good fun. Additionally, relaxing and mellow or full of fun, unpretentious and fits your expectations. If it’s a place you would probably have one drink and run, then it will probably not make our list and if it does, we will not apologize for warning our readers about a bar’s poor wait staff or food quality that doesn’t meet our standards.  


OK, so in our reviews of the Gold Coast of Florida, we’ll list the city with a short background and things to do in that city and then we will talk about a beach bar, or two or even three in that city that we think is worth visiting. We’ll discuss opening hours, happy hour, specials, upcoming events, bands, eats and drinks, and make recommendations based on what we had while we were there.



Normally, if a place is known for a certain drink or food we will try it and let you know if you should believe the rumors. Granted, it is our opinion and what we like and what you like may be entirely different. Then, we’ll rate the overall establishment by giving it a 1 to 5 drink rating. If we’d stay for five drinks, then it will get our highest rating, or if we would have one drink and go… well you know. If, during our review we give credit to a beach bar for an award won, we will provide a reference. We do not base our reviews on the word of the management or local critics. 

These Gold Coast of Florida cities or towns are in alphabetical order to make it easier, not by any ranking. We will not rank the city or the attractions there, just give you an overview of what we think would be fun.

City List & Bar Review Gold Coast of Florida  

Boca Raton – Gold Coast of Florida 

Patio Bar & Grill — Beach Bar Review 

Delray Beach — Gold Coast of Florida 

Boston’s Sandbar — Beach Bar Review 

Fort Lauderdale — Gold Coast of Florida 

Bamboo Beach & Tiki Bar  — Beach Bar Review 

Hollywood Beach — Gold Coast of Florida 

Le Tub Saloon — Beach Bar Review 

Juno Beach – Gold Coast of Florida 

Ke’e Grill — Beach Bar Review 

Jupiter Inlet Beach — Gold Coast of Florida 

U-Tiki Bar — Beach Bar Review 

Miami Beach – Gold Coast of Florida 

Wet Willie’s — Beach Bar Review 

Palm Beach — Gold Coast of Florida 

The Islander Tiki Bar & Grill — Beach Bar Review 

Riviera Beach, Singer Island — Gold Coast of Florida 

Reef Tiki Bar & Grill — Beach Bar Review 

West Palm Beach — Gold Coast of Florida 

E. R. Bradley‘s Saloon — Beach Bar Review