Florida First Coast

Florida’s First Coast Beach Bars

Today, our Beach Bar Reviews take us to the First Coast of Florida. Here, the sand is a little coarser, the surf a tad rougher, and the bars a bit wilder.

On Florida’s Atlantic east coast the beaches are not white, but tan, the sand is a little coarser and the waves a tad rougher. The same can be said for the plentiful off the beaten path wilder seaside bars and remoter seashore Tiki huts. 

The East Coast shoreline areas are split into four coasts, they’re nicknamed the First Coast, Space Coast, Treasure Coast, and Gold Coast. But, although these are not fine powdered white sand beaches like those found on Florida’s west coast beaches, they have their own appeal. There is actually nearly a dozen “named” coasts along the shoreline of Florida, which runs approximately 1350 miles.

Jacksonville may be the largest city in the continental United States, by land mass with over 840 square miles. The annual “Springing the Blues Festival” at Jacksonville Beach claims to be the biggest and longest-running blues festival in the USA.

Jacksonville is just over the border from Georgia and as its nickname, “Where Florida Begins” would suggest, it is the first big city many travelers happen upon after crossing into Florida. Two other Jacksonville nicknames are reported as, “South Georgia” and “Florida’s Crown”. Jacksonville’s remarkable impression left upon its visitors will forever remain in their consciousness.

Jacksonville borders the Atlantic Ocean’s Coastline and the peaceful, picturesque St. Johns River. Travelers immediately unearth Jacksonville’s coastal “Southern” charms. Jacksonville’s beaches provide plenty of room to spread that beach towel, enjoy the sun, dip in the Ocean, take on some water sports, and then cool off with a “frozen concoction” in a local Beach Bar.

The First Coast of Florida’s northeast coastline is famous for hot beaches and cool beach bars.

OK, so this is how it works. First, we put together a list of First Coast cities and Beach or Tiki Bars. Then, we talk about the rich backgrounds of these cities and the local attractions. Next, we will give you interesting tidbits and information about the featured bar you MUST visit when you’re there. Finally, we provide our conclusion and review and the drink rating, this can be from one to five drinks. Although this rating is subjective, based solely on the opinion of our crew, we’ll give you an idea the bar’s charm.    

The cities are listed alphabetically, so you need only find the city hold the ctrl key down and click on the cities name or keyword you might be interested in visiting, go to the write-up or just choose the bar (listed in red) to read the crew’s review for that bar.

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