Mint Julep
Mint JulepThe Mint Julep may very well be the official cocktail of the South. The first written record of it appeared in 1803 and was used by Virginian farmers before they would head off to work in t Read More
Painkiller Cocktail
PainkillerBack in the 1970s, a bar owner by the name of Daphne Henderson created the original Painkiller. Her bar, the Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay in the British Virgin Islands was a popular place. Read More
HurricaneWhile Florida always has a reputation for being in a hurricane zone, let’s not forget that New Orleans also has the same distinction. Perhaps that’s how it came to birth the drink known Read More
MargaritaWhen it comes to cocktails that know how to party, few do it better than the Margarita. With a drink this popular though, many people claim to have created it. About the only thing anyone ca Read More
Jungle Bird
Jungle BirdThe Jungle Bird is a classic cocktail that like all old things is new once again. It’s nice to see it getting a revival. It’s a little dark and mysterious, much like a bird of paradise Read More
Singapore Sling
Singapore SlingIf you ever have the opportunity to travel to the beautiful tropical country of Singapore, you simply must order a Singapore Sling at the very place it was created. Unlike almost every Read More