Clearwater Point…off the beaten track

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Once again Clearwater Beach was named “Best Beach in America” for the second year in a row. Clearwater Beach has added 11 hotels in the past 15 years. With more under construction in the pipe-line.

An area called Clearwater Point located on Clearwater Beach’s South end hasn’t been truly disrupted by the flood of tourists. Clearwater Point remains a real laid-back neighborhood and the residents want to keep it that way. The Clearwater Point neighborhood and its residents have been the last Clearwater Beach community not impacted by the influx of visitors and new residents.

It appears the Chart House at 850 Bayway Blvd is the latest hotel to see the wrecking ball. One of only 2 commercial properties in Clearwater Point.  Decade Properties will demolish the four-story suite-style 25 room Chart House property and replace it with an 8-story, 60-room hotel, with 26 existing slips dock and 80 parking spaces.

Decade Properties purchased the property for in 1992 $600,000. The building sat empty for most of the ’80s. Till the developed founded of the Chart House hotel.

Clearwater Point was built in the 70/80’s with condos and townhouse costing $24,000 to $45,000. Prime ones now go for $450,000 plus. It’s hard to determine the exact number of renters, but it appears they rent for in this area of $2500.  

Clearwater Point has always been a sound-sensitive noise zone. Complaining about noises coming from Dock of the Bay (currently Brown Boxer) to Clearwater Yacht Club as far back as the mid-’80s. Decade Properties promises they will strictly follow the city’s noise ordinance. By the way, a Beach Bar Life shout out to Paul “Shenanigans” Greenhalgh

Decade Properties promises they will strictly follow the city’s noise ordinance.

A resident explained, “We’re going to have a major problem getting out of here”. As estimates say the new hotel will add around 500 car trips in and out of the area a day. 500 cars shouldn’t impact residents of Clearwater Point any more than residents living at the Continental Towers on Clearwater Beach?

Just like residents of Clearwater Beach’s North end and Island Estate the years of growth comes at a price. With 2000 plus new rooms and bed tax collections soar as tourism grows traffic and visitors soar as well.

Just like 100’s of others. I’m sure residents of Clearwater Point’s 855 Bayway Blvd building aren’t happy if their views get obstructed.

Nevertheless, Clearwater Point residents need to worry about 3.2 acres of commercial land at 551 Gulfview Blvd. Where Fisherman’s Wharf was and listed for sale at $28,000,000. Residents won’t see a Johnny Leverock’s eatery there anytime soon.

I never doubt the power of committed citizens to change things. But for Clearwater Point residents the realism of the new Clearwater Beach hustle and bustle will be a reality.