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A few years back, I meet Matt a knowledgable bartender working on Clearwater Beach. We struck up a friendship and I discovered Matt had a love of the water as well as an appetite for the boating lifestyle. He told me his dream was to own a charter boat business. Matt was a nice person and poured a good cocktail.

Being a water person boating enthusiast and at the time I owned a 38 Bertram and an 18’ center console Mako.. I tried to encourage and help Matt with his hunger for the boating way of life.

His plan included getting his USCG Captain’s License. Start an LLC, procuring permits purchase a new boat, find a dock or slip for it, secure required insurance and start a small boat charter excursions business. No small task to say the least.

Let’s fast forward a few years. I’m now a boater without a boat. However, Matt the bartender is now Captain Matthew Kerkel who has a Yamaha’s SX190 the perfect all-around, sport boat, with the perfect slip location and his own charter business called Adventure Boat Rental!

Matt’s vision is now his reality. So, when I have the good fortune to meet someone who sets a goal and accomplishes his goal, it’s my obligation to acknowledge them.

Fair warning. If your someone who calls the Grand Canyon a ditch or thinks beaches are to sandy. A day on the water with Captain Matt and Adventure Boat Rental may not be your cup of tea?

His Yamaha’s SX190 is perfect all-around, sport boat. With an overall length of 19’5” and its wide, 8’2” beam, its a great boat for the Intracoastal waterways and the Gulf. 

According to his Facebook page Matt offers 1 to 4-hour excursions and I’m sure he’d accommodate any reasonable requests. He offers Facebook friends and followers a 10% discount.

Adventure Boat Rental offers all safety devices, watersports gear, GoPro videos of your trip*, premium Bluetooth sound. We offer special sunset tours* Island Excursions, Tubing, Private Boat Charters and more!

Outings require decent weather. Certain hotel pick-up is offered for he’s tours. Bring towels, sunblock, swimwear. Pack a cooler, or grab your food and drinks to go, and you’ll be underway in no time. 

Remember, to get from point A to point whatever the Interstate is the way to go. But if you want to enjoy and really see Florida’s Sun Coast. Take a boat ride on the Intracoastal highway and let Captain Matt deal with the driving while you kick back, relax and enjoy the view.


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