Who Is BeachBarLife.com?

BeachBarLife.com was designed as a listing directory for beach, resort, Tiki and noteworthy bars. If you think you’re a noteworthy beach bar, you’re noteworthy. Our website’s primary goal is to organize a membership directory of beach bars, and similar establishments, that offer unique drinks, food items, and great ambiance.

How easy is it to become a member?

Simply register and you will gain access to our website. If you’ve been raided by the local police more than four times in the last year we might do a background check.

Is registration required?

Yes. However, the registration procedure is straightforward, and concise. But please remember, being located near a water treatment plant does not make you a beach bar!

How do I submit my listing?

Once registered, you’re now capable of suggesting your bar business’ website…believing that since you’re online right now, your bar has a website.

When can I submit my bar business?

Once you’ve completed the registration procedure, you’re able to submit your bar business, or a favorite watering hole. Simply follow the screenshots. Remember, we’re here to help and if you require assistance please click here!  If you don’t require assistance, that’s fine.  You can at any time.

What can I post to my listing?

You can write a 250-word detailed description, and list clear reviews of your bar. You might want to list just the positive reviews. Links are allowed with a premium listing.

What is the Gallery?

BeachBarLife.com visitors and members can share pictures. Our user-friendly photo gallery makes it easy to upload items so that everyone can see what makes a location special…or infamous.

Can I upload any images to my listing?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can upload a maximum of two images. We even accept pictures that speak two thousand words.

What other features will my listing have?

Add-ons are SEO friendly – All listing adds have Google Maps – Link a URL to your site

Can I update my BeachBarLife.com listing?

Absolutely. You’ll want to tell everyone about how great business is since you listed with us.

Can I enhance my listing?

Yes, we offer various upgrade options once you’re signed up. If you do not find the upgrade you’re looking for, please submit a General Request and our administrative team will give you a hand. Just like you, we believe in customer service.

Can I talk directly to the support team?

All our technical support is handled via our ticketing system. For other customer support or sales-related inquiries, customers can use the ticketing system, chat, email, or phone support. For hurricanes or typhoons, you’re on your own.

Can I get a www.BeachBarLife.com email account?

Yes, your website hosting package comes with at least three email accounts. We will help you figure out the best way to handle processing your business emails, whether it’s setting up new accounts, or forwarding your emails to your current address. Think of us as a kinder, gentler web host.

I’m 17 years old and can’t access site.

Hey, that’s not our fault. Blame your parents. They should have started you sooner. Our site is designed for individuals of drinking age. You must supply date of birth to attest to being of drinking age.